Have you a piece of porcelain that you wish restored?
Let us do the job for you.
By this type of work you will be amazed how the piece will be perfectly repaired keeping a keen eye not to loose any of its original style.

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Tel :  0049 8042 / 509572
Fax:  0049 8042 / 503797


Tip to the restoration

Arts supplement

Gold-crusts and gold-arts renew and supplement

Gilts of porcelain 

Breaks supplement and slur 


Sticks from porcelain 

Burns from withe-porcelain together 

Prepares from porcelain-pieces 
Hands, heads, instruments, blooms......,

Tip to the restoration

A valuable porcelain-piece has gone to break! 

All fractions that to the piece can belong helpfully is for a restoration. 
Carefully all parts should pack brought to the restoration well or are sent.